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hi guys! as some of you probably know, my mom got laid off at work and we were a low-income family already. i don’t drive, and i’ve got a job position secured but i won’t be able to start work until july. i have had at least a dozen people offer me donations, but i don’t feel right just accepting money like that. so i’m going to open up commissions! granted, i am not particularly talented, but it would make me feel much better to be able to give you something in return rather than just taking donations! i’m going to put all the info under a cut okay! :>

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[DW meme] Favorite episode per season
 Season 3 // BLINK

You have to remember that being scared of the dark and being scared of monsters is basically a childish impulse. There’s always something of the nursery about horror….Adults never quite grow out of their childhood fears. They just belong in a different part of our heads. —Steven Moffat on ‘Blink’

i cant believe aarinfantasy censors language„„

sorry kids gotta censor the word fuck on the anime porn website

make me choose | jessiepinkman asked: dean’s looks or his personality

It certainly was a high point for us.